Write For Us

We have thousands of new subscribers for our magazine every month. It’s a platform where you will get the opportunity to read interesting stories, articles, photos, videos, etc. We constantly focus on providing unique content for our readers. So, we need new writers in our team. You can con contribute a one-off article or be a regular guest writer for our magazine.

The magazine covers everything that people of different walks of lives want to know about. It includes fashion, technology, politics, economy, culture, travel, sports, entertainment, and more.

Our guidelines

We want articles on anything under categories such as travel, technology, fashion, sports, culture, etc.
You can add photos or short videos with your articles in order to enrich it.
The articles must be at least 550 words.
You can include product reviews and interviews as well.
You must ensure that the information you provide is accurate and mention any source from which you take information.
The writing should be without any grammatical errors.
The articles must be unique. Any copied material will be rejected.

Please email us your article along with photos. Your works should be original and must not appear anywhere else. We will let you know in writing if your submission is successful. We hope to hear from you soon!